Have you lost a dearly beloved pet? Especially one that’s been a hero?

A story on social media is once again reminding us of how loyal and courageous our canine pets could be.

A pet lover posted about his dog Moana whom they consider a hero after she tried to kill a cobra that had sneaked into their home.

Jeco Macs said in his post that he was watching television when he heard his dog barking and then saw Moana trying to bite and pull something from under their stairs. It turned out to be a snake; specifically, a cobra.

Macs then hastily killed the snake; relieved that their family was saved by Moana’s vigilance. He initially didn’t realized that their beloved dog had been bitten, and even proudly posted of their dog’s heroic act on social media.

moana i loveyou! Galing mo napabilib mo ko. hero ka talaga! Sinagip mo buhay ko and also kaming lahat na pamilya mo dito sa bahay! Kaya mahalin nyo aso nyo kasi matatalino talaga sila at kaya kayong sagipin kahit isalba pa buhay nila, dahil mas mahal nila tayo kesa sa sarili nila!”

[Moana, i love you! You’re unbelievable, you’re really a hero! You saved my life,  all of us your family! So love your dogs because they are smart and they can save you, even if they risk their life, because they love us more than themselves!]

In the photos he posted, it even appeared that Moana was proud and happy to see the snake is already dead.


However, after a while, Macs updated his post; sharing that their hero dog Moana, a Shitzu crossbreed chihuahua, has died after a few minutes only. His initial joy turned into sorrow. In loving memory of their dog, he urged all dog lovers to love their pets.

In the posts that followed, he explained that they were unable to immediately bring Moana to a vet because first, they didn’t know she had been bitten by the snake. Second, they have no service vehicle by which to immediately bring the dog to a vet — which was 15 minutes away. And lastly, because the cobra’s venom has spread so quickly; leading to their pet’s instant death.

“At isa pa po hindi po namin alam na natuklaw ung aso ko and wala po akong service para madala ung moana ko sa vet. malayo po ang vet saaming lugar 15mins away po at alam ko na po na hindi na aabot sa vet si moana dahil sa kamandag ng cobra dito sa tacloban. Hindi po namin ginusto ng pamilya ko na mamatay ang alaga namin dahil parte na sya sa pamilya namin parang anak na din po turing namin kay moana.”

He emphasized that there was no neglect and that they didn’t want Moana to die because she was part of the family; much like their own child.

Amid doubts as to the truthfulness of his post, Macs uploaded more pictures of Moana as per netizens’ request.

He said in this post that the cobra’s venom spread fast and that Moana died around five minutes after.

He even shared the video of the snake as it was being caught.

Indeed, it is obvious from the shared photos just how much Moana is loved by its owners. And being pet lovers ourselves, we can relate so much to Macs’ grief over losing his beloved Moana.

To Jego Macs, our sympathy for your loss. The only consolation is that Moana did not lose her life in vain; she passed away as a hero.

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