• Two of the co-accused in Lim and Espinosa’s drugs charges are already dead
  • The Albuera police confirmed this to DOJ via returned subpoenas
  • They were scheduled to appear before the DOJ this coming April 12

MANILA, Philippines  –  The police have confirmed to the Department of Justice (DOJ) that two of Peter Lim and Kerwin Espinosa’s co-accused in the illegal drugs charges were killed in separate incidents over the course of three months.

In a certification submitted to the DOJ’s panel of prosecutors, the Albuera, Leyte police said Nelson “Jun” Pepito was shot dead by unidentified gunmen last December 1, 2017 Sitio Canlugo, Barangay Seguinon in this town.

This was relayed through a return subpoena for Pepito dated March 26.

On the other hand, another co-accused, Max Miro, was killed in a shootout with policemen last March 10 after he allegedly resisted arrest while a warrant was being served against him in his home in Ormoc City.

Espinosa, Lim, Pepito and Miro were all co-respondents to the drugs and conspiracy charges which was earlier ordered dismissed by the DOJ.

They were summoned to appear before the DOJ preliminary investigation scheduled for April 12, but return subpoenas for both Pepito and Miro revealed they are already dead.

Following the public outrage over the dismissal of charges against Lim, Espinosa and 20 other individuals, Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre has ordered a review of the cases.

Aguirre also created a new panel of prosecutors tasked to reinvestigate and handle the complaints against the suspected drug lords.