• At least 7 people were killed after a truck crashed into a small eatery in Taal, Batangas
  • The truck was reportedly left unattended by its driver
  • Most of the victims were buried under the pile of sugarcane the truck carries
  • It remains unclear if the truck driver was among those hurt

MANILA, Philippines  –  A 10-wheeler truck left unattended by its driver reportedly rammed into an eatery in Taal Batangas; leaving at least 7 people dead.

The incident took place early Wednesday morning along Diversion Road in Barangay Carasuche.

Taal Police chief Senior Insp. Ricaredo Dalisay said the truck carrying sugarcane was left unattended by the driver near a small eatery when it suddenly moved and rammed into an eatery where several people were eating breakfast.

The truck also hit at least 6 other parked cars before crashing into the small restaurant.

Dalisay said most of the victims were buried under the pile of sugarcane toppled from the truck. Several others were also injured in the accident.

Initial report indicated there were only 3 people killed. But Dalisay later confirmed the death toll has reached 7.

Police are still investigating whether the driver of the truck was among those eating at the eatery before the incident happened.