• Husband Ryan Agoncillo’s post of a throwback dance workout vid with wife Juday inspiring netizens
  • He posted it for good vibes and obviously telling a repeat may happen soon
  • Post receives warm response from online users

Truly inspiring. And yes, amusing, too!

TV host Ryan Agoncillo’s post of a throwback video which shows him and his actress wife Judy Ann Santos, or simply Juday, doing their dance workout together is inspiring netizens and it’s so easy to see why.

His post says:

you cannot unsee this.
this is how we did it then, this how we’ll do it again? together.
#goodmorning  #goodvibes


The Eat Bulaga host posted it on Sunday to spread good vibes and obviously telling a repeat may happen soon.

Indeed, the throwback video has been sending positive vibes and is likewise receiving  warm response from online users.

Haha that was cute couple dancing @officialjuday look at you din’t you realized you’ve got those move??amazing you both??#teamagoncillio #judayforevah #ryexjudai

#relationshipgoals…ang ganda nila panoorin…Godbless

Such a cute couple what an inspiration

Juday’s legs and dance moves has also drawn praises, while Ryan’s funny moves is  amusing viewers; basing from the comments. Ryan’s posting led to a conclusion that the “how we’ll do it again, together” is part of a relationship goal which people find really cute.

Vid clip has gotten nearly 300,000 views in just a couple of days. Watch this, be inspired.

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