• A Saudi Arabian-based fast-food chain decided to celebrate Saudi Arabia’s national holiday by offering one free burger for each customer
  • As seen in the video clip customers scramble over the counter to get their hands on sandwiches
  • Customers, which are mostly children, run riot around the kitchen as the staff could only stand back and watch

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia – A video, showing the moment when a restaurant, instead of celebrating, found its establishment in chaos after offering free burgers to each of their customers, emerged online.

A Mirror Co UK story said Kudu, a Saudi Arabian-based fast-food chain, decided to celebrate Saudi Arabia’s national holiday by offering one free burger for each customer.

However, instead of a celebration, they were confronted with unruly customers who burst into their resto to claim their share of burgers.

As seen in the video clip, customers, mostly children, were scrambling over counters to get their hands on sandwiches or any bread available.

Many ran riot around the kitchen and all that the staff could do was stand back and watch.

Obviously, they hadn’t expected such a chaotic availment of burgers.

Free Burgers Too hard to Resist?

Apparently, the offer was advertised online; all the more reason why many customers heard about it and dropped by to avail it.

“Session of celebration starts as National day is starting just in few hours. Sep 22 is a holiday as well as Friday, is also off, so people now finding ways to celebrate National day of Saudi Arabia. But celebration without food is not so meaningful,” as mentioned in Arabian Gulf Life.

“To food lovers food is a must on every celebration, keeping in mind of fast food lovers Famous Saudi Arabian fast food restaurant announced free Sandwich for each individual customer,” it added.

The offer was valid all around Saudi Arabia except in the Holy Cities of Medina and Mecca. It also said the offer was only valid for one day – September 23 – and only one sandwich for each customer.

Well, basing from the video, their plan was an epic fail. It is not known which branch the video was taken from.