• President parodied as a clown by Taiwanese in short animated clip
  • Duterte mocked for EJKs and insulting country’s allies
  • He is also ridiculed for kowtowing to Russia and China, is called “Kim Jong Un” wannabe

MANILA, Philippines – Taiwanese animators mocked President Rodrigo Duterte with a short clip depicting him as a clown who abets extrajudicial killings, mouths off against his allies and kowtows to Russia and China.

The clip, titled “Philippines President Duterte is nuts: Duterte needs to put a sock in it already,” and which can be found in the YouTube channel of Taiwanese animators, first ridicules a dolled up Duterte as the fictional movie mobster Tony Montana (“Scarface”) who wantonly kills suspects without provocation.

“If Scarface were a clown, he would be Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte,” read the subtitle.

The video also accused Duterte of repeating the same gangland-style tactics he purportedly used as Davao City mayor nationwide now that he is president in a bid to tackle illegal drugs.

The next segment of the video then twits Duterte for his mouth and penchant for raising the middle finger, and shows him being punched by world leaders he insulted — including US President Barack Obama and Pope Francis.

The next part then shows Duterte kowtowing to a Russian bear and Chinese panda — ostensibly in mockery of his growing closeness with the US’s traditional rivals. The clip also ridicules him for sucking to China even though the latter has been slowly taking over the West Philippine Sea.

“Sucking up to China will totally make them share the [West Philippine] Sea…Riiight,” the video says.

The end of the video shows Duterte being called a “Kim Jong UN” wannabe who is then offed by cigar-smoking Obama — again in reference to the Scarface movie.

“Someone needs to just take this Kim Jong Un wannabe out, and soon, before he does irreparable damage to the Philippines,” the clip says. “Maybe it’s time he gets a little taste of his own medicine.”


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