• Pia Wurtzbach celebrates her 27th birthday
  • Her Miss Universe family has released a special birthday video for her
  • The video has Pia answering 27 questions of all sorts

Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach has just turned 27 on Saturday, September 24, and her Miss Universe family has posted a special birthday video for her.

On Miss Universe’s official Facebook Page, a video of Queen P answering all sorts of question was uploaded. There are some interesting items you might want to know about her.

For starters, Pia is a night person as she prefers the night over the day. This is probably the reason why she also likes coffee more than tea. Well, who doesn’t like coffee, right?

When it comes to the seasons, the beauty queen has a special heart for spring over autumn because her birthday falls around that time. When asked to choose between summer or winter, Pia could not pick one because it depends on which part of the globe she is. She also likes a rainy day than a sunny one.

Another difficult choice for Pia is between a cat and a dog. But as it turns out, she is more of a dog lover. She also prefers chocolate, like probably most people in the world, better than vanilla.

The video ends with her being asked if she wants a cake or a cupcake to which she answered cupcake. And then she was handed a nice cupcake with a candle on it. But, well, just in case she’d choose the former, the Miss Universe staff also had a birthday cake ready.

The video, which has reached more than 177,000 views, was a good gesture on the part of Miss Universe, especially that they’ll be missing Queen P on her birthday.

Pia flew back home to Manila to celebrate her birthday with her fans, the “Pianatics”.

What a good treat for her fans!

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