• A Filipino chef won in an episode of the TV series Chopped
  • Chef Josh Arcilla wowed the judges with his Filipino-style Sea Bass with Runner Bean Salad
  • He won $10,000 as prize for besting three other contestants

Thumbs up to great cooking skills!

A Filipino chef currently working in the United States has won in an episode of the American reality cooking show Chopped.

Chef Josh Arcilla beat three other contestants after three rounds, to become the episode winner. Arcilla is currently based in the state of California in the US as a corporate line chef after graduating from the  Center for Culinary Arts (CCA) Manila.

Contestants were tasked to create an appetizer, an entree, and a desert using predetermined ingredients.

Arcilla wowed judges Geoffrey Zakarian, Amanda Freitag, and Giorgio Rapicavoli with his Filipino-style Sea Bass with Runner Bean Salad, using black sea bass, yuca, flat runner beans, blueberry grappa for his entree.

“The presentation is really beautiful in this dish and it works well when you eat it, get a little bit of everything in every bite,” said Rapicavoli, who had already won the competition twice, as previously quoted by Coconuts Manila.

The Filipino chef said his grandmother served as an inspiration in his culinary journey.

“Me being a home cook, I said, ‘grandma, I want to open a restaurant’… She was the only person in my family who was always with me, right there beside me,” he explained.

Every episode of Chopped, hosted by Ted Allen, pits four contestants in a culinary battle using particular ingredients. The winner from each episode wins $10,000.

The program originally airs on the Food Network.

Josh shares on Facebook a clip of his ‘journey’. Congrats, Chef Josh!