• Actress Angel Locsin was flattered to be included inMTV Australia’s “Sexiest Nationalities in the World” list
  • She landed number 8 in the list
  • The actress took to social media to thank MTV Australia

MTV Australia has published a list of the “Sexiest Nationalities in the World” on its website. The list includes 10 male and ten female celebrities of different nationalities.

Pinay actress Angel Locsin landed at number 8 in the list. MTV Australia described her as “Filipino model.”

The actress took to Instagram and posted a screenshot of her photo along with Nigerian Celebrity Tim Omanji. She thanked the Australian franchise of the cable channel for including her in its sexiest list.

“Thanks www.mtv.com.au for including me in your top 10 list,” she wrote.

Angel Locsin is rumored to reprise her role as the Filipino superheroine Darna in an upcoming movie to be produced by Star Cinema, but she has yet to issue an official statement regarding the role.

Here’s the full list of the 10 male and 10 female “Sexiest Nationalities in the World:”

  1. Irish Collin Farrel and Armenian Kim Kardashian
  2. Australian Liam Hemsworth and Barbadian Rihanna
  3. Pakistani Zayn Malik and American Kate Upton
  4. American Leonardo Dicaprio and Colombian Sofia Vergara
  5. English Alex Pettyfer and English Emma Watson
  6. Scottish Gerald Butler and Australian Margot Robbie
  7. Italian Francesco Totti and Brazilain Adriana Lima
  8. Nigerian Tim Omanji and Filipino Angel Locsin
  9. Danish Nicolaj Coster-Waldau and Bulgarian Nina Dobrev
  10. Spanish Javier Bardem and Lebanese Amal Clooney


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