Hell hath no fury than a woman scorned? Well, that could be the case in this cringe-worthy story of a pickup truck spray-painted with the ‘babaero’ (playboy) on its side and hood – and since the photo only showed one angle, we could only wonder whether the back and the other side also sported the same word!

A photo of the truck was shared by James Deakin, a multimedia motoring journalist affiliated with both CNN Philippines and the Philippine STAR.

Deakin did not indicate whether he owns the truck (we hope not!) or where the photo was taken but surely this was somewhere in the Philippines, possibly in the streets of Metro Manila. He also did not share more details on the story but it is safe to assume that whoever owns the car is being accused of cheating by his girlfriend/wife/partner.

Netizens were quick to comment on the photo, creating jokes not just about #PogiProblems (problems encountered by men due to being handsome) but even relating the incident to current events.

Extra Judicial Sprayings? Nasan ang ebidesya na babaero sya? *sarcasm po para sa mga slow* (Where’s the evidence that he is a playboy? *This is sarcasm, for those who are slow on the uptake),” wrote netizen Gerome Valdez.

Some were actually sympathetic and advised the guy not to try and win back the girl since she ruined his car when she could have simply done something less crazy, such as simply dumping him.

What do you think? Does this guy deserve the ‘extra judicial sprayings’?