• Two mystery donors have slipped in cash amounting to as much as $10,000 to an animal shelter’s donation box 
  • The donations were made in the form of a wad of cash and inside a white envelope in two separate instances 
  • The shelter is very grateful for the donations given to them 

People at an animal shelter in Pasadena were moved when they saw not just a dollar but a wad of cash inside their glass donation box.

The donation made to the Pasadena Humane Society & SCPA was a whopping $8,000 but no one knows where the large money came from.

“Seeking mystery donor! Today a person visited the Neely Cat Center and anonymously left an $8,000 cash donation in our collection box,” the shelter’s Facebook update wrote on September 21.

“We are truly grateful to this kind person and want to thank them on behalf of all the animals at the PHS,” it added.

Bored Panda mentioned in a feature that the shelter cares for about 12,000 animals and that the donation means a lot to them in providing for their needs.

But the blessing did not stop there.

Another mystery donor called the office and told the staff to check their donation box.

Upon checking, the staff found a white envelope with a donation of $2,000 – the second biggest donation they got.

There was a note written on the envelope that says: “Got the inspiration last week – Please save the animals for some of us, it’s all we have left.”

With two bounty donations in one month, the shelter felt so blessed. They will use the money for the food and shelter of the animals.