• Alleged member of DDS scored, defended for telling wrong site of billionaire’s killing
  • Critics said his wrong answer destroys his credibility as a witness
  • Defenders said Matobato was referring to a McDonald’s near the hotel where billionaire was killed

MANILA, Philippines – Whose side are you on?

The online community has erupted in a firestorm following alleged Davao Death Squad (DDS) member Edgar Matobato’s testimony at the Senate over the Duterte family’s purported involvement in summary executions.

Critics of Matobato questioned his credibility especially after he wrongly pointed to a McDonald’s restaurant as the place where billionaire hotelier Richard King was shot dead in 2014 allegedly on the orders of Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte.

King was actually killed inside the Vital C Building in Davao by a gunman as he was eating at the ground floor with some of his employees and distributors.

Matobato’s statement prompted Sen. Ping Lacson to remind him that he could be charged for perjury for lying under oath.

“You have to be careful with your testimony. See, you are wrong on stating the circumstances surrounding Richard King’s killing. How will I now believe in your entire testimony? There is a saying that “false in one, false in everything’,” ABS-CBN quoted him as telling Matobato.

“If you are going to testify under oath, make sure you are telling the truth. This is no joke. You could go to jail,” the senator added.

Detractors also jeered Matobato online with memes and accused him of being a paid witness of Sen. Leila de Lima.

However, defenders of Matobato also took up the cudgels for him. Aside from reminding his critics that he only finished Grade 1, they also pointed to the fact there actually is a McDonald’s restaurant beside Vital C building. The fast-food outlet, they said, could have been used by Matobato as a landmark instead of the building since he claimed he was not present during King’s killing.