• Pres. Rodrigo Duterte denies wanting Senator Leila De Lima
  • He said he loses appetite seeing the alleged sex video of the lady senator
  • The Chief Executive noted that De Lima should instead be worried because charges directed at her are serious

President Rodrigo Duterte categorically denied wanting Senator Leila De Lima and said he loses his appetite whenever he viewed the alleged sex video of the latter.

The Chief Executive’s words came as a response to an earlier statement of De Lima who asked if he is ‘romantically’ interested in her because he continued to threaten her legally and poked fun at her alleged love affairs.

“Susmaryosep. Alam mo every time I view the video, I lose my appetite. Nawawala ang gana ko sa kanya,” Duterte was quoted saying in an article published on GMA News Online apparently referring to the senator’s supposed sex video.

The President pointed out that the former secretary of justice and chair of the Commission on Human Rights, should instead be worried because those charges directed at her are serious.

“Those are serious charges. She should not adopt a nonchalant attitude about all of these things. Kasi I said she opened the portals of narco-politics to take hold in the national level. There will never be an honest election,” Pres. Duterte said.

Earlier, Duterte stated that the country’s drug situation can be likened to the scenarios described in the books The Cartel by Don Winslow and Gangster Warlords by Ioan Grillo.

As such, Duterte went back to De Lima’s remark that he could be attracted to her by noting: “Ang magkaron ng gusto sa kanya ‘yung mga, hindi man ako guwardiya, hindi man rin ako motorcycle cop. Hindi rin ako convict.”

[Those who want her are..I am not a guard nor a motorcycle cop. I am not a convict.]

In the past, Duterte accused De Lima of having alleged romantic relationships with a bodyguard and a motorcycle security escort.

One witness even testified in the recent House inquiry on the proliferation of drugs inside the New Bilibid Prison that the lady senator and a convict purportedly spent time together at his kubol or special cell.