• Camille Prats shared that discipline is key in encouraging children to drop their gadgets once in a while
  • She said parents have to find ways to encourage their kids to play and interact with other children
  • She also highlighted the importance of being firm and explaining the limits to kids

Talk show host and celebrity mother Camille Prats shares how parents like her can convince their children to drop their gadgets once in a while.

Prats, whose son Nathan is now 8 years old, admits it can be difficult to do so, given that nowadays, gadgets do have important usage.

“It has its other uses naman. It has become a requirement actually kahit sa [even in] schools na [that] instead of textbooks, tablet. And even if you succeed in hiding it from your kid now, it will still find its way to your kid,” she explained to the Philippine Entertainment Portal.

In her case, she believes that the key is to limit the use of gadgets instead of banning them outright.

Among the most effective methods for her is to encourage her child to play and to find ways so the kid will not depend on his or her gadgets. Prats is supportive of her son’s hobby of playing soccer.

Kapag may mga ganitong happenings [During these kinds of events], I will bring him but iwan talaga yung gadget [we really leave the gadget] so you can connect with other kids also, you can talk to them, play with them… I’m glad kasi mas masaya nga naman [because it is indeed more fun] when you’re out there in action versus ‘yung you’re just playing with your iPad,” she says.

Prats adds there are times that parents have to be firm and even explain to their children the harmful effects of using gadgets too much.

Talagang [Really] I have to stand my ground and say, ‘Hindi, ang daming bata diyan, makipaglaro ka. [No there are lots of children over there, go play].’ So far it’s working for him naman… Pag sinasabi ko sa kanya na [When I tell him that] these are the things that are going to happen to you if you continue using that, ‘Lalabo mata mo, ganito, ganyan [Your eyes might be damaged, this and that],’ he understands naman,” she adds.

She also encourages parents to make sure that the apps their children play with are kid-friendly, educational, and fun at the same time.

In the end, Prats says it’s all about discipline.

“So it’s discipline, it’s control. I’m not saying hindi ka puwedeng maglaro [you can’t play], but you have to limit it,” she said.