• Senator calling for review of drug lists amid president’s apology
  • He reiterated that publicizing classified info is “ill-advised” and counter-productive
  • He said publication would open PH’s law enforcers to ridicule and put those in the list at risk

MANILA, Philippines – Sen. Panfilo “Ping” Lacson is calling for the review of all drug lists amid President Rodrigo Duterte’s apology and acknowledgment of mistakes in the matrix tagging several public officials as benefactors in the illegal drug trade in Bilibid.

According to Lacson, a review is necessary given that the administration’s credibility has now been jeopardized owing to the intelligence lapses behind the creation of the matrix.

“It goes without saying that the credibility of that list and all other narco lists involving other sectors for that matter have now become doubtful,” the Philippine Daily Inquirer quoted him as saying. “An immediate review of all the narco lists is in order.”

Reiterating his stand that publicizing any classified information is “ill-advised”, the senator also said it was counterproductive since it would open the country’s law enforcers to ridicule and also unnecessarily place the lives of those in the list at risk.

“Hence, making it public would not only warn those in the list, thus jeopardizing any ongoing intelligence operations, but also unnecessarily shame them or put their lives at risk,” he said.

Duterte earlier apologized to former Pangasinan governor and now Rep. Amado Espino Jr, Board Member Raul Sison and former provincial administrator Rafael Baraan for being mistakenly implicated in the matrix.

“I’ve been looking at the list and there’s a gap that cannot be explained. I don’t know why it’s (the names) are there. Is this a result of intrigues? Rumors?” he said. “Somewhat we were negligent. I am apologizing publicly to them. I am very sorry.”