• Host-actress Solenn Heusaff shared why she decided to take drug test
  • Heusaff said she took the test after reading two or three articles about her
  • The celebrity tested negative

Why did host-actress Solenn Heusaff take the drug test? The celebrity shared in an interview.

In an article written by Bianca Rose Dabu of GMA News Online, it was disclosed that Heusaff said she took the drug test to show that she fully supports the government in its anti-illegal drugs campaign. She also thought that it would be better to be examined as there were already two or three articles written about her.

“There’s a lot of things happening, and you never know what’s going to come out. There were two or three articles about me already. So sabi ko [I said], I’ll do it on my own para [so] people would know,” she said in a press conference.

“When you’re accused of anything that you know you didn’t do, kahit small issue lang [even if it’s just a small issue], it’s not a nice feeling,” she added.

In a statement earlier, Heussaff’s manager Leo Dominguez released that the result of the drug test is negative.

“This is to inform the public of Solenn’s beliefs to clean and healthy living. Solenn practices in what she believes in, which is to live a healthy and productive lifestyle, this includes her position against the use of prohibited and illegal drugs,” Dominguez stated.

Meanwhile, Heusaff clarified that she  was not affected by the allegations, she just wanted to prove them wrong.

“I wasn’t affected. I just said na I have nothing to be afraid of. I know myself. So I just did it para [so] they know…. Lagi lang akong nasa bahay, nagpe-paint [I am always at home, painting]!” she said.

The actress also said that she is willing to undergo drug test at any moment and will agree should the government conduct a random drug testing.

“I’m game any day. Just come and knock at my door,” she noted.