• A Filipino version of ‘Slam Dunk’ will be shown soon
  • The producers of the series said they will be making a basketball anime set in the Philippines
  • ‘Barangay 143’ will be premiered in 2017

It is no question that Filipinos love basketball. And it is also a known fact that Filipinos – young and old – love watching Japanese cartoons or anime. That is why the basketball-themed anime “Slam Dunk” was a hit in the Philippines.

But did you know that the producers of “Slam Dunk”, TV Asahi, will again make another basketball anime – and guess what, it is set in the Philippines.

Yes, that’s according to a Japanese-based news site Nikkei.

As it turns out, the anime is a partnership between Synergy88 and TV Asahi.

Synergy 88 is a animation studio based in Quezon City. The Filipino artists will be in charge of the script while their Japanese counterparts will be the one sassigned for the visual creatives.

Titled “Barangay 143”, the anime series, set to premiere next year, will tell the story of basketball players in Manila.

Animes have been well-loved entertainment by Filipino audience since the classics – Voltes V, Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, and a whole lot more – debuted in the Philippines. In fact, cosplay events – or gatherings where fans get to dress like their favorite cartoon character – have been a regular thing among Filipino otakus (anime lovers).

With this reception, it’s most likely that “Barangay 143” would be a welcome development int the world of anime.

In venturing to the “outside Japan” themese, Takahiro Jisjimoto of TV Asahi Holdings said: “People in fast-growing emerging economies have begun to look for familiar stories they can relate to.”

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