• Keeley Robinson, 26, admitted feeling relieved with how her affair with Tony Henderson, who fathered 27 kids from different women, ended
  • She met Henderson in December 2007 when she was just 16 years old
  • Henderson’s sexual escapades led to sexual abuse

A young mother has survived the ‘horror film’ of her life when the man he lived with for five years was finally sentenced last month to 12 years of imprisonment for pushing crack cocaine and heroin.

Keeley Robinson, 26, admitted feeling relieved with how her affair with Tony Henderson, who fathered 27 kids from different women, ended.

“I feel amazed to be alive after living with Henderson,” said Robinson; mom of two of Henderson’s children.

After five years of pain and yet another black eye she got from Henderson, Robinson then decided to escape and flee to a woman’s refuge.

Robinson recalled the torture she experienced living with Henderson. “He used me as a sex machine, a baby machine and a punching bag. I’ve lost count of how many times he tried to kill me. I’m amazed I got out alive,” she said.

She met Henderson in December 2007; that time she was just 16 years old. He was then dating her friend and employed Robinson on his market stall selling dodgy clothing.

When Robinson turned 17, she moved into Henderson’s house alongside her pal.

From then, Robinson’s nightmares started.

Robinson said the torture she experienced began when she was trapped by Henderson, who confessed to her that many young girls fell under his wicked spell as he boasted of having sex with more than 100 women, even living with several at once.

She said Henderson even told her of his main interest to chat up with girls in amusement arcades and cafes in the seaside town of Withernsea, East Yorkshire.

Weeks later after moving to Henderson’s house, Robinson got pregnant with their first son, born in October 2008. Their second son was born two years later.

“Henderson’s sexual escapades with me led to sexual abuse from then on that is aggravated by his obsession with fatherhood and having a big family,” Robinson said.

Robinson had accused the convicted drug dealer of being a “sexual terrorist” for the inhumane treatment she experienced.

“He even threatened me to kill my unborn baby, turn me anorexic by banning me from eating and even burn off my hair during our five years together,” she said.

Distressed Robinson suffered post-traumatic stress disorder because of it all.

She claimed to have reported to the police many times about the mishaps she went through, but did not press chargers as she was afraid of what Henderson would do.

Until she decided to break free and escape.

Meanwhile, Henderson has pleaded to the Judge, who ruled his imprisonment, not to jail him because of his large brood, but the Judge who called him a “malign individual who used and abused her (Robinson)” stood by his decision.

Meanwhile, just recently, Henderson’s ex-girlfriend, Jennifer Dunn, who is pregnant with Henderson’s 28th child, appeared in court for being charged with drug offenses.