• A dog remains loyal to his master who died during the quake in Italy
  • The dog stays by his master’s coffin with sad eyes
  • Hundreds were killed in the 6.2 magnitude earthquake in Italy

His master may be dead but not his loyalty for him.

A dog was captured in a photo sitting closely by his master’s coffin who was among the victims of the earthquake that hit Italy over the weekend.

The identity of the man was unknown and he was only brought to the recovery center where other casualties were taken.

“In this tear-jerking photo, the blond cocker spaniel can be seen sitting silently next to the wooden coffin. With his gaze fixed firmly in front of him, the loyal companion refuses to move away – guarding his master’s body in the final moments before a mass funeral,” Mirror said in a news feature.

According to Mirror’s story, the body came from Accumoli, which is one of the areas hard hit by the 6.2 magnitude earthquake.

Nearly 300 people died in the most terrifying earthquake to hit Italy in seven years. An equally devastating quake also hit L’Aquilla City in 2009, which left 300 dead.

Saturday, the day after the disaster, was declared a national mourning day for the country.

The age of victims ranged from as young as five months old to 93 years old. Over 380 people are still being treated in the hospital and 2,000 were left homeless.

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