• President defended controversial order to law enforcers
  • He said it is okay as long as it is done in the performance of their duties
  • He warned narco-politicians they will be killed for what they did

MANILA, Philippines – Defending the shoot-to-kill order he issued against drug suspects, President Rodrigo Duterte said it is okay as long as law enforcers do it in the performance of their duties.

“For as long as it is done in the performance of the duty by the police and soldiers, akin ‘yan, that is my official and personal guarantee,” the Philippine Daily Inquirer quoted him as saying.

“Basta may police diyan na nag engkwentro, huwag na ninyo imbestigahan ‘yan, order ko ‘yan,” he said.

[If there are police involved in an encounter, do not investigate them anymore, that is my order.]

The president however, warned narco-politicians they would be killed for being involved in illegal drugs.

“P********* kayo. Hindi kayo nag-isip kung saan natin ilalagay ang problemang ito? Buti na lang ako ang presidente. Talagang ipapatay ko kayo. Kita mo ‘yung ginawa mo sa Pilipinas? Tapos patawarin ko?” he said. “Kaya my order is shoot to kill kayo. Wala akong pakialam sa human rights. Maniwala ka. I don’t give a s*** kung ano sabihin. This war against drugs, nagkaroon tayo ng crisis eh.”

[You sons of b*****. You didn’t think where this problem would lead to? Good thing I became president. I will really kill you. Do you see what you have done to the Philippines? Should I forgive you? That’s why my order is to shoot and kill you. I don’t care about human rights. Believe me. I don’t give a s*** what others will say. This war against drugs, because we have a crisis.]