• Jessica Wongso, gave a cyanide-laced coffee to her long time friend, Mirna Salihin
  • Salihin collapsed and began foaming at the mouth with a blank look on her face
  • Wongso, an Australian resident, have suffered serious mental health problems.

What appears to be a chilling moment of friends, has turned into a horrible scene for the murder of a woman with a cup of poisoned iced coffee.

Footage has revealed the crime committed allegedly by Jessica Wongso, who gave a cyanide-laced coffee to her long time friend, Mirna Salihin, who was also her classmate at the Billy Blue Design College in Sydney.

Reports state that Wongso organized the meet-up with Ms. Salihin and another friend, Boon Juwita at Olivier Restaurant in the Grand Indonesia mall where the crime happened. Juwita also went for college at the same design school in Sydney.

When the two arrived, Wongso gave Salihin her favorite drink – an iced Vietnamese coffee.

Salihin then drank it, and exclaimed, “This is not really good. This is awful.”

Two minutes after, she collapsed; her head fell to the back of the sofa; and she began foaming at the mouth with a blank look on her face.

Wongso and Salihin had been friends for seven years; they lived together while studying design in Sydney.

Turn out of events placed Wongso facing trial in Indonesia; she being charged with the murder of Salihin.

A court in Jakarta told that prosecutors suspect the alleged murder as driven by revenge.

It was learned from reports that Salihin allegedly told Wongso to break up with her then-boyfriend because he was a drug dealer and user.

Wongso eventually ended the relationship.

To avenge the pain she got from the break-up, Wongso planned the catch-up with her friends to orchestrate the murder, the prosecutors said.

A day before Salihin arrived to Indonesia from Australia, the prosecutors suspect that Wongso reconnected with Salihin via online messaging service WhatsApp on December 5, 2015.

The prosecutors also said that when Salihin collapsed after drinking the coffee, Wongso, who was seated beside her, would not even care to help Salihin.

Autopsy reports later found out the anomaly was caused by a corrosive agent in the stomach of Salihin.

The amount of cyanide found in the iced coffee at 298mg was an overdose for Salihin’s size, prosecutors said

Wongso’s legal team, on the other hand, hit the prosecution’s claims, saying they had not provided any evidence as to where the cyanide was allegedly bought or how the defendant allegedly put the cyanide to the coffee.

Recent development of the case revealed by the ABC pinned Wongso, an Australian resident, to have suffered serious mental health problems.

Australian federal police has already forwarded reliable documents to Indonesia police to help support the Indonesian court’s inquiry on Wongso.

The documents include details of Wongso’s behavior in the 12 months before the alleged murder, which include suicide attempts, threatening of colleagues, an alcohol-fuelled road accident, suspicions of vandalism on her ex-boyfriend’s car, and an apprehended violence order against her.

Wongso’s lawyers have claimed that the documents forwarded by the Australian police have been misused by the Indonesian police authorities.

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