• Freddie Aguilar suggests a simple solution to the Torre de Manila issue blocking the scenic backdrop of Rizal’s statue in Luneta
  • He says the spots of Rizal’s statue and the carabao should be switched
  • Aguilar was recently appointed by President Duterte to head the NCCA

Folk singer Freddie Aguilar offered a simple solution to the Torre de Manila condominium that photobombs Jose Rizal’s statue in Luneta.

“Kung ako po ang masusunod — ito po ay personal na opinyon ko lang po — para wala nang gulo, pagpapalitin ko po yung puwesto ng kalabaw tsaka ni Rizal,” President Rodrigo Duterte’s appointed National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) chairman said in an interview on TV5.

[If I will have it my way, and this is just my personal opinion, so that there would be no issue anymore, I will swap the carabao’s spot and Rizal’s.]

“’Yung kalabaw po, ililipat ko po doon si Rizal. Para si Rizal sa atin, hindi nakaharap sa malayo, at ‘yung kalabaw po yung nakaharap sa malayo,” he said.

[We will put the carabao to where Rizal is. So that Rizal will face us and not looking afar, the carabao will be the one who will look afar.]

NCCA earlier ordered to temporarily halt the construction in June 2015 of the DMCI-owned building since it blocks the scenic backdrop of Rizal’s statue.

Although unique, Coconuts Manila pointed out in its story that the proposed solution is not as easy.

“This solution is not as simple as they thought because, as we learned back in elementary school, the monument also contains the remains of our national hero,” the story said.

Aguilar, Duterte’s favorite singer, was appointed by the President last week.

But incumbent NCCA chief Felipe de Leon said the agency’s leadership is not an appointive position and that the post should be elected by the commissioners.