• A PNP intelligence report said there are two groups that control the illegal drug trade inside the NBP
• The report said high-profile inmates Herbert Colangco and Jaybee Sebastian head the two groups
• The groups are identified as the “Presidio Side” and the Carcel Side”

Based on the intelligence report prepared by the Philippine National Police (PNP), the operation of illegal drug trade inside the New Bilibid Prison is being run by two large groups of inmates.

The intelligence report which was made two years ago, a copy of which was obtained by GMA News, identified the groups as the “Presidio Side” and the “Carcel Side.”

According to GMA News’ Mariz Umali, the “Presidio Side” is composed of inmates from Luzon, while the “Carcel Side” members are inmates from the Visayas and Mindanao.

Convicted bank robber Herbert “Ampang” Colangco allegedly heads the “Carcel Side” while Jaybee Sebastian, a convicted kidnapper and leader of the Sigue-Sigue Commando prison gang, heads the “Presidio Side.”

Under Colangco are almost 7,000 inmates who belong to the so-called “Oxo Allied Groups” composed of 8 prison gangs namely: Batang City Jail, Batang Mananalo o Batman, Batang Cebu, Batang Mindanao, Batang Samar Leyte, Batang Region Masbate, Genuine Ilocano Group and Oxo.

Convicted Chinese drug lords including one of the most influential Chinese inmate in the NBP known as Sam Li Chua, also known as Sam Chua or Alex Chua, are also with Colangco’s group.

Jeffrey “Jaguar” Diaz, Cebu City’s top drug lord who was released from jail in 2010 and was killed by cops from PRO-7 in Las Piñas last June, used to be a member of “Carcel Side.”

Sebastian’s group, meanwhile, has more than 5,000 inmate-members from four prison gangs namely: Sputnik, Commando, Happy Go Lucky Gang and Bahala na Gang.

The convicted Chinese drug lords under Sebastian’s group are Zheng Wu or Xian Wu Cheng and Wu Tuan Yuan or Wu Cuan Yuan alias Peter Co, whom Duterte recently named as a big-time drug lord.

Former Justice Secretary and now Senator Leila de Lima said she knew of the existence of the two drug groups operating inside the NBP. She said the PNP’s intelligence report was what prompted her to order the conduct of raids inside the penitentiary when she was still the Department of Justice secretary.

Here’s the video report of Mariz Umali for GMA News’ “24 Oras:”