• Funeral parlor owners reported a decline of income following an upsurge in drug suspects deaths
  • They said most of those killed come from poor families who can’t pay for their burial
  • They are being forced to cover the costs of burying the cadavers themselves

MANILA, Philippines – More bodies, less business?

Contrary to earlier ‘predictions’ of funeral parlors doing brisk business under the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte, business owners are actually reporting losses amid the upsurge in drug-related killings.

According to one funeral parlor owner who declined to be named, their clientele of drug suspects — whether killed by police in legitimate operations or by other shady personalities — usually come from poor families who have no means of paying for their burial.

“But as long as the fatalities are poor people, who in their lifetime could not even afford to live a decent life, then, our business may just die with them as well,” he told the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

“Allow me to be frank here, they only kill the poorest of the poor, which means, their relatives have no means to pay. So, where exactly will they get the money to pay for our services?” he added.

The owner also said the only way for their business to thrive would be if authorities also started hunting down the wealthy drug lords and their protectors.

“[We will earn if they] have the balls and kill the rich, the powerful, and the mighty, who were very much involved with illegal drugs, too,” he said.

Don Morado, the owner of Pacheco Funeral Homes in Quezon City, also agreed. He said funeral parlors actually lose a lot of money if the family do not come to claim a cadaver they have maintained with costly solutions.

“Mali ang salitang iyan na sinasabi na nakikinabang kami. Napakahirap na mag-alaga ng isang body na walang nagke-claim,” he told ABS-CBN.

[It’s wrong to say we are profiting from this. It’s very hard to maintain a body which no one will claim.]