• PH’s top cop made fun of drug lords during his visit to a gun show
  • He said high-powered firearms are perfect for finishing off those dealing in illegal drugs
  • He also called on the public to be the PNP’s “eyes and ears” in the fight against illegal drugs

MANILA, Philippines – Troll level: Bato.

During his visit to the 24th AFAD Defense and Sporting Arms Show in Mandaluyong City, Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Director General Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa poked fun at the country’s drug lords by saying they make perfect targets for the high-powered firearms on exhibit in the show.

“Maganda! Perfect ito para sa mga drug lords!” ABS-CBN quoted him as saying, in reference to the various firearms being displayed at the arms expo.

Dela Rosa also encouraged the public to be the PNP’s “eyes and ears” as it continues its campaign against illegal drugs.

The PNP chief also expressed confidence that President Rodrigo Duterte would be able to carry out his promise of ridding the Philippines of illegal drugs. He said the goal is reachable because the new government now has a complete list of the country’s most notorious drug lords whom they can apprehend.

Earlier, Dela Rosa promised to carry out Duterte’s order despite the dangers and hardships he and the country’s law enforcers will face.

“In the days ahead, the campaign to win the war against drugs will continue,” he said during the burning of P1.77 billion worth of drugs in Cavite. “Wala nang atrasan ito [There will be no retreat]. We started strong in this war and we will finish stronger.”

Several drug dealers have either been killed or arrested by police since the launch of Operation Tokhang. During the same period, tens of thousands of suspected drug pushers and self-confessed users have given themselves up to the authorities and promised to mend their ways.