• The M.I.L.F. and M.N.L.F. want to join the Duterte administration in its fight versus illegal drugs
• Both groups have previously embarked on their war against the illicit drugs
• The M.I.L.F. said its campaign versus drugs has achieved some successes despite limitations
• The M.N.L.F. claimed it has worked with PDEA before on operations against the drug menace in Davao City

Two Muslim secessionist groups have expressed their willingness to help the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte in its fight versus illegal drugs.

The Moro Islamic Liberation Front (M.I.L.F.) and the Moro National Liberation Front (M.N.L.F.) said they are open to working together with the government under President Duterte in stamping out the drug menace in the country.

In an editorial published on its official website, the M.I.L.F. said it has already embarked on its war against drugs about a year before Duterte was sworn as the 16th President of the country. The group’s campaign slogan is: “Shabu is haram and root of all evils.”

The M.I.L.F. claimed it has achieved some successes despite their campaign’s limitations such as limited resources and facilities to rehabilitate drug addicts and punish the pushers, and the government’s argument that the responsibility of fighting illegal drugs falls into its domain.

The M.I.L.F. claimed that its campaign versus drugs finds comfort with Duterte’s election as president of the country and his hard-line policy against illegal drugs. It said a possible understanding or arrangement can be worked out.

Meanwhile, according to Business World Online correspondent Maya Padillo, the M.N.L.F., through its spokesman lawyer Randolph C. Parcasio, said its members are willing to be trained and help in President Duterte’s war against drugs.

Atty. Parcasio shared that the M.N.L.F. has previously worked with the Philippine Drugs Enforcement Agency in Davao City on operations against drug dealers.

“It was a very successful campaign. However, ’yung mga nahuli na-dismiss ang mga kaso nila dahil [the cases filed against those arrested were dismissed because] the M.N.L.F. was not trained in gathering evidences against the accused,” Parcasio said.

He added that before the M.N.L.F. members are recruited in the fight against drugs, they must first undergo training.