• Apparently, a second student was also killed by vigilantes in Pangasinan last week
  • He was shot to death on the same day the body of a female student was found in Manaoag
  • Both victims were found with a paper claiming they were involved in illegal drugs
  • The family of the latest victim also denied he was using drugs as a test conducted came back with negative result

MANILA, Philippines – Unknown to those who followed the news lately, Rowena Tiamson is not the only student in Pangasinan killed by a suspected vigilante group last week.

A second victim, 20-year-old student and former sacristan Roman Clifford Manaois, was killed on the same day Tiamson’s body was found dumped by the roadside in Barangay Parian in Manaoag.

Like Tiamson, found on Manaois’ body was a white paper that bore similar writings with identical message: “Huwag tularan. Pusher ako.” [Don’t emulate me. I am a pusher].

There was an additional message, however, on the second victim. It read: “I am a killer and you’re next—DDS” as mentioned in an Inquirer article.

According to Melandrew Velasco, a former Manila Bulletin correspondent and the victim’s grandfather, his grandson was “mercilessly killed” by a riding-in-tandem around 10 pm on July 19.

Velasco narrated Manaois was invited by a tricycle driver-friend named Marvin “Moymoy” de Vera to go to “kaleskesan” (a famous native fare in Bangus City featuring beef innards to include soup No. 5) in the old Galvan Market.

On their way to buy “kaleskesan”, a certain Zaldy Abalos hitched a ride in the same vehicle. While Abalos was alighting along Lucao District, DC near the Missionaries of Charities, two motorcycle-riding gunmen shot him at close range and riddled his body with more bullets.

The assailants then turned to Manaois and shot him in the back that pierced through his heart. The tricycle driver, meanwhile, managed to escape with a minor gush in his right leg.

Velasco also claimed that Oman’s autopsy yielded negative result on any trace of any drug use or abuse; coming out clean, in effect.

“On the other hand, Zaldy Abalos was among those suspected drug pushers and he was in the Order of Battle from intel operatives,” Velasco wrote in his Facebook post.

“So how come innocent lives like Oman are being summarily executed?” he asked.

Like the Tiamson’s, the family of Roman “Oman” Manaois, is crying for justice over the series of extra-judicial killings that has now claimed the lives of young, innocent people like the two students.

Both Tiamson and Manaois are graduating students whose dreams of a better future for the family are cut short by their gruesome fate.

Velasco said Oman was about to graduate from a seaman’s course this month and was due for deployment this November as service crew in Dubai following another training from Tesda.

“How many more shall we hear of the similar cases of innocent lives lost and killed mercilessly disguised as drug addicts, pushers and users?” he lamented.

Read Velasco’s full post here.