• Twitter users mourn the untimely death of Singer Christina Grimmie
  • Grimmie was shot after her concert in Orlando
  • She was doing autographs when the assailant shot her

Through the use of #PrayforChristina and #RIPChristina, Twitter users show their love and support to singer Christina Grimmie during her last hours on earth and even after her death.

Immediately after the news about Grimmie — who was shot after her concert — broke out, Twitter users started tweeting messages of love and prayers for the 22-year-old singer using the hashtag #PrayforChristina.

“Keep this beautiful babe in your prayers today. She is such a queen. #PrayForChristina,” wrote @agbslost.

“Trust in God team! He will save her. I have faith he will! Keep praying! #PrayForChristina,” @MileyCyrusNews tweeted.

However, Grimmie did not make it and  succumbed to bullet wounds in a local hospital a few hours after the shooting.

“With deep regret, we have confirmed Christina Grimmie, @TheRealGrimmie has died from her injuries,” the Orlando Police said in a tweet yesterday.

Her fans and followers then started tweeting messages of love; saying that they lost an “angel.”

“Today we lost an angel, sister, and a beloved friend. #RipChristina,” tweeted @beforeyouexit.

“I am deeply sadden about the fact that the life of an innocent angel has been taken away. My prayers  to her and her family #RIPChristina,” said @ysIdoll.

“I guess God needed one of his favorite angels back a little early. Rest in peace beautiful. #RipChristina,” posted @vi3lizabeth.

“#RIPChristina rest in peace you beautiful angel! Your passing was so unexpected,” @monipooki wrote.

“Rest in Peace beautiful angel, this world is too cruel,” tweeted @httpdinally.

“I’m heartbroken and speechless. I can’t believe we live in this kind of world. Rest in peace, angel #RIPChristina,” expressed @arcticxpilots.

Police disclosed that Grimmie was shot about 22:45, local time, on Friday (02:45 GMT Saturday) at The Plaza Live in Orlando while she was busy doing autographs..

The assailant, who was tackled by Grimmie’s brother, shot and killed himself later on. The attacker, whose name has not been released, had two guns.

Police is now conducting in-depth investigation on the case.