• Mary Jane Veloso is not included in the next batch of convicts to be executed in Indonesia
  • Indonesia Attorney General Prasetyo says they respect the legal process taking place in PH
  • Veloso is sentenced to death for bringing 2.6 kg of heroin to Yogyakarta Airport in 2010

It’s another miracle for Mary Jane Veloso.

Veloso, the Filipina who is sentenced to death for bringing 2.6 kilograms of heroin to the Yogyakarta Airport in 2010, is not included in the next batch of convicts to be executed in Indonesia.

In an article written by Rie Takumi and KBK of GMA News, it was disclosed that Indonesia Attorney General Prasetyo said they “respect the legal process that is taking place in the Philippines.”

Two people are currently facing trial in Nueva Ecija for allegedly sending Veloso to Indonesia from Malaysia with illegal drugs secretly stashed in her luggage.

‘Sigh of Relief’

Lawyer Edre Olalia of the National Union of People’s Lawyers (NUPL), which is representing the Veloso family in the case against Veloso’s recruiters, welcomed Prasetyo’s statement.

“It is with a sigh of relief to know her life is rightfully spared again even as we will leave no stone unturned to legally vindicate her or work harder for her clemency or both,” he said.

Meanwhile, in a statement, the NUPL asked the government “to finalize the mode and manner of how, when and where Mary Jane will testify forthwith.” It also urged the Aquino administration to renew its call for clemency so that she could finally be removed from death row in Indonesia.


In 2015, Veloso was suddenly saved from the pangs of death when Indonesian president Joko Widodo – known as Jokowi – delayed her killing with a temporary reprieve just hours before she was due to be executed.

Indonesia shot dead eight others that night, including two Australians, Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran, who fought a years-long campaign for clemency and were part of the Bali Nine heroin-smuggling ring. Four Nigerians, a Brazilian and an Indonesian were also killed.