• Senator defended his anti-Duterte ad against mayor’s supporters, told them the truth hurts
  • He said no laws were broken and no child was harmed in the making of the ad
  • He called Duterte’s supporters ‘hypocritical’, asked why aren’t they outraged with the mayor’s own remarks

MANILA, Philippines – The truth hurts.

Defending his controversial ad from outraged supporters of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV said it couldn’t be helped that they were hurt by the ‘truth’ of his message.

In a post on his Facebook page, the solon said the ad faithfully complied with all pertinent laws and no child was harmed in its creation.

“The truth definitely hurts. The children were purposely used to hammer the message that they should always be part of the consideration in our choice of leaders of the country not only because it is for their future but also because they will emulate these leaders,” his statement read. “Besides, the children were shown in a positive light and all pertinent laws were strictly followed.

Trillanes also lashed out at the ‘Dutertards’ whom he described as hypocritical; saying he found it ironic for them to express anger at his ad yet laugh whenever their idol makes inappropriate jokes and comments in front of children.

“Dutertards’ are suddenly concerned about children? Yet every time Duterte cusses and jokes about his p***s and rape not realizing children are listening, too? Such hypocrisy, right?” he said. “Now, that’s what the ad is all about too.”

The ad, which first appeared on Thursday evening, May 5, on ABS-CBN, shows children questioning Duterte’s fitness to be president along with several clips of his past controversial statements.

Duterte’s supporters have since denounced the ad as a cheap last-minute shot by the mayor’s opponents to derail his candidacy.