• Taylor Swift is the highest earning musician of 2015, with $73.5 million in revenues
  • She earned mostly from her 1989 World Tour which gave her $61.7 million
  • Adele earned the most from album sales with $16.3 million

Taylor Swift is officially the top earning musician of 2015; jumping from 15th place the previous year, dethroning boy band One Direction, and raking in around $73.5 million in revenue from albums sales, online streaming, publishing, and tours.

Of these, the country singer-turned- pop diva earned $61.7 million from her 1989 World Tour alone. It appears that the cameo appearances of music icons and celebrities like Julia Roberts, Mick Jagger, Joan Baez, and even basketball star Dwayne Wayde, paid off, as pointed out earlier by Billboard.

Swift also earned $7.2 million from her album sales, including revenue from her latest ensemble 1989 which won the Album of the Year in the 58th Grammy Awards.

She also cashed in $4.1 million from royalties; her most famous of which is the reinterpretation made by Ryan Stark on the songs from her 1989 album.

Country singer and songwriter Kenny Chesney came in a far second with $39.8 million. He was followed by The Rolling Stones who made $39.6 million and piano maestro Billy Joel who raked in $31.7 million.

Meanwhile, last year’s top place earner, British boy band One Direction fell to fifth place in 2015; with only $24.2 million in revenues after the departure of one of its members Zayn Malik early in the year.

In sixth, seventh, and eighth places are the Grateful Dead and Company, country music’s most streamed artist online Luke Bryan, and rock band U2.

Despite earning the highest amount from album sales at $16.3 million, British crooner Adele was only in ninth place this year, as she did not perform on tours. Instead, she also beefed up on other revenue streams as well, including $3.7 from publishing royalties and $488,000 from online streaming.

Closing the top ten list of highest earners for 2015 is Maroon 5, which earned $19.2 million with $13 million from tours alone.