• To Francis Ramos, his dream was to improve his family’s life
  • His story goes to show that poverty is not a hindrance to reach your goals
  • He also stressed the importance of giving back to your parents

‘Nothing is impossible to a person who believes.’

This is definitely a saying that Dr. Francisco Monato-Ramos instilled in his mind. Coupled with a dream to improve his family’s life, Ramos strived hard and did the best he can do to achieve everything that he has.

In a wordy Facebook post, Ramos narrated how he became the prominent professor that he is right now – and who, aside from being an author and a lecturer, just finished his doctorate in Tourism – from ‘being Dangwa’s darling tricycle driver’.

He said to himself: “Ayoko na tumira sa squatter at kumain ng pagpag everyday… Gusto ko ng privacy kaya nangarap din ako na magkaroon ang barong barong namin ng CR…”

[I don’t want to live in the squatters area and eat left-over food anymore.. I wanted privacy so I also dreamed of a comfort room in our shack.]

That was his motivation. When Ramos first got his diploma, he didn’t even have the money to buy graduation clothes; his professors, according to him, chipped in for his attire, but that paved the way to his first job in one of the country’s biggest tour operators. He also thanked the people who helped him finish his law degree.

In a funny but heartwarming recollection of his journey to success, he shared:

Natatawa ako pag naaalala ko ‘ung unang graduation ko [Funny when I remember my first graduation] in PICC, I hurried home and said, “Sa [My] 2nd graduation will be better… and it did… I had a cake!”… In fairness…. Improving… dati kase wala akong handa.. ahahahah nag-igib na lang ako ng tubig sa poso pagdating sa bahay at nagbuhos… naiiyak na kase akoAYOKO NG KAHIRAPAN [before I didn’t have anything.. so I just fetched some water and took a bath, I was on the brink of crying… I HATE POVERTY]!”

“I was able to finish my Master’s because it is a MUST for a lecturer in college… and I was amazed when ICBTS of Paris, France… accepted it!.. Now… I was able to better my life… THRU HARDWORK AND EDUCATION… I was able to send 2 of my 12 siblings to the most prestigious tourism universities. I was able to tour the whole Philippines… ‘di na tricycle lang ang nasasakyan ko.. may airplane at ship pah [It’s no longer just a tricycle I’m able to ride in, but also a plane and a ship]! Ahaha… ngayon… ‘di na din ako kumakain ng pagpag… May CR na den ang bahay namin at bonggang may GARAHE pa [Now, I don’t eat left-overs anymore. Our house has a comfort room, and a new garage]!”

Ramos said he wants to inspire more people and encourage them to work and study hard, and make their parents proud.

He ended his post by thanking God and everyone who has been a part of his success.

Ako na si [I am now] DR. FRANCISCO MONATO-RAMOS, BST, Ll. B, MS HM in Tourism. Anak ng tricycle driver at tindera sa Dangwa [Son of a tricycle driver and a Dangwa vendor]”.

To read Ramos’ full inspiring post, please click here.