• Feisty senator said she’s seriously reconsidering changing her position on the death penalty
  • She said she’s mulling it over due to worsening crime and corruption in PH
  • She also said convicted plunderers should especially be included in death penalty list

MANILA, Philippines – Execute the criminals — especially the plunderers.

During her interview with the Philippine Star, Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago said she is seriously considering reversing her opposition to the death penalty especially amid the rising crime and corruption in the country.

But today, ‘yung mga ginagawa ng mga kababayan natin, eh makakapatay ka talaga eh [With the things our countrymen are doing, you’d really want to kill],” she said. “Yes, I’m seriously reconsidering my previous decision.”

Santiago, who admitted she voted against the re-imposition of capital punishment while it was being deliberated on in the Senate, also confessed to have had her position influenced by the Catholic Church in the past.

“Before the arguments were very clear-cut,” she pointed out. “And I felt I had no choice because of the lobby of the Catholic Church perhaps.”

Nevertheless, Santiago said she will now push for the death penalty especially for those found guilty of plundering the nation’s coffers.

“The moment one flunks an investigation, off you go,” she said.

The death penalty has been officially suspended since 2006 during the time of former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo; with the last executions taking place under her predecessor Joseph Estrada.

However, calls to return capital punishment have been growing louder due to a perceived worsening of the country’ law and order situation.

Aside from Santiago, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and Sen. Grace Poe have also expressed their openness over the issue of the death penalty.