• Sen. Miriam Santiago calls on Mayor Rodrigo Duterte to come clean about his bank accounts
  • Santiago says Duterte has been “vague” in his response, noting his inconsistencies
  • Sen. Antonio Trillanes alleges Duterte kept hidden wealth in different bank accounts 

Presidential candidate and Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago called on her fellow presidential bet Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte to come clean about the allegations of hidden wealth thrown against him.

The lady senator said she was “surprised” by the revelations made by vice presidential candidate and Senator Antonio Trillanes IV pertaining to money hidden in different accounts under the name of Duterte and close family members.

“I’m very surprised because I know him personally and we’ve always been good friends. He lives in humble homes. He does not live ostentatiously. He does not consume with profligacy. So I thought he was a prim and proper public official. If he is hard talking, never mind, we can suffer that. It’s shocking,” Santiago told PhilStar.

Santiago called Duterte’s response to the allegations “vague” while noting that he had not given specific details, and had many inconsistencies in his statements.

“He was at the head of the pack, then all of a sudden, he falls because his answers on the bank deposits are very vague. They do not make any sense. You have to have details to be credible, especially if you’re defending yourself,”  she said.

With regard to the credibility of Trillanes’ claims, she says that the VP bet most likely received his information from the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC) and thus did not question the claims he made.

“Trillanes is an ally of the administration. So Trillanes got the information from the AMLC, I think,” she said.