• Sandro Marcos, VP aspirant Sen. Bongbong Marcos’ son, casted his vote in Laoag City at 7AM
  • The young Marcos allegedly shaded two presidential contenders invalidating his vote for president
  • Marcos did not contest any further as the error was made on his side

LAOAG CITY, Philippines – Ferdinand  Alexander ‘Sandro’ Marcos, vice presidential aspirant Sen. Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos Jr.’s son, shaded two circles for the presidential position; making his vote for president invalid.

At 7 A.M., the young Marcos arrived at Calayab Elementary School polling precinct with his mom Liza to cast his vote. But shortly after voting, he allegedly asked one of the Boards of Election Inspectors (BEI) for another ballot as he has mistakenly shaded two presidential candidates.

The ballot was not replaced since the error was not made on the BEI side. Marcos did not contest any further, an  ABS-CBN News report has disclosed.

Online users made different remarks about the incident. While others bashed the young Marcos, some understood the mistake. Read some of the comments below:

R. Sena: “Mukhang he shaded for both Duterte and Miriam [I guess he shaded for both Duterte and Miriam]

J. Guibac: “He is being bashed by a lot of people who thinks they are more intelligent than him. It is sad that people have a habit of bashing immediately rather than looking into the situation first. Sandro is just one of the many who have done that mistake…but that doesn’t define their whole being.”

M. Oracion: “Good thing his father is running for VP.”

Meanwhile, Sandro Marcos told Rappler in an ambush interview that everything went well during the casting of his vote. He said he was nervous since he’s a first-time voter and asked for another ballot in case he messes up with the first one. He explained:

“I was just a little bit nervous. It was my first time voting so I just wanted to make sure I got everything right. I thought folding it would invalidate it but apparently it wouldn’t so I was fine. I was nervous. I didn’t wanna mess up.”

Saying he does not have enough sleep, the witty young Marcos said:

“As long as it’s clean, as long as it’s fair, as long as it’s an honest election, we’ll come out in the position that we want to be.”