• Kapuso veteran comedian Michael V. posted a sketch of incoming president Rodrigo Duterte on his Instagram account
  • The artistic tribute includes a poetic statement that asks the Filipino people to support the newly elected head of state
  • He believes Duterte can lead us to become a better country, but only if we will all strive for the same goal

MANILA, Philippines – Veteran Kapuso comedian Michael V. paid tribute to incoming president Rodrigo Duterte via a sketch he made for the tough-talking mayor. The artistic acclaim was posted on his Instagram account.

He celebrated Duterte’s success whom he called the President. In a poetic statement, he wrote:

Mabuhay ang pangulo! Walang iba… s’ya na nga!
Wala ka nang magagawa, bayan na ang nagsalita.
Sa bawa’t bagong araw, mayro’ng bagong simula.
“DAPAT TAMA” isa-puso sa isip at sa salita.”

[Long live the president! Nobody but him!
The people have spoken and there’s nothing you can do about it.
With every new day, there’s new beginning.
Do what is right, in your heart, in your mind, and in your words.]

He also called on fellow Filipinos to respect and support the new head of state. Duterte, in a number of interviews, said he cannot do it alone, and needs the help of his countrymen to bring in change.

Kahit sino mang pangulo ang iluluklok ng bayan
‘Di kakayanin ang bigat kundi natin tutulungan.
Ang mabuting pagbabago na kanyang sisimulan
Tayo ang magpapatuloy hanggang sa katapusan.”

[No matter who is elected to be president,
he cannot do it alone.
He may lead us to the ‘change’ we had hoped for,
but it is us who will continue to strive for our goals.]

He ended his post with the following verse:

Awatin na ang dilang masakit magsalita.
Pakawalan ang pusong makatao ang gawa.
Manalig kang alam ng Diyos ang mabuti at masama.

[Stop the criticisms.
Let out your compassion.
The Lord knows what’s good and evil.
And you should not fear when what you do is right.]

His post earned the admiration of social media users. Michael V. is definitely not just a comedian, but a smart and talented individual.