• Duterte’s daughter lashes out at her father’s tormentor
  • She said she and hubby wouldn’t have used real names if they wanted to hide their properties
  • She calls Trillanes ‘stupid’, says the reason he knows about their assets is because they aren’t hidden

MANILA, Philippines – With her father the subject of Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV’s accusations, Sara Duterte took to social media to denounce the solon for insinuating that their family is corrupt.

On her Instagram, the younger Duterte blasted Trillanes and said there’s nothing irregular about the properties she and her husband Mans Carpio have acquired over the years since they’ve worked hard for it.

“You are making it appear as if my husband and I do not have the right to buy property using money we have worked for,” she wrote. “Dalawa kaming abugado ng asawa ko sa tingin mo kung gusto namin itago ‘yan ilalagay pa ba namin sa pangalan namin [My husband and I are lawyers, do you think if we wanted to hide those we would put them under our name]?”

Calling Trillanes ‘stupid’, Duterte said the reason the senator knows about their assets is only because they were never hidden in the first place.

Kaya nga alam mo eh dahil hindi namin tinatago! Gunggung. At least kami nagtatrabaho, ikaw?” she said.

[You know about our properties exactly because we don’t hide them! Stupid. At least both of us are working, how about you?]

Trillanes earlier released a list of properties registered under the names of Duterte’s children Sara, Paolo, and Sebastian.

He said the assets along with the secret bank accounts which he has accused the mayor of owning is proof of Duterte’s double lifestyle.

In turn, Duterte’s camp has dismissed the senator as a paid attack dog of the mayor’s opponents.