• Honeylet Avanceña is one of the women behind Duterte’s success
  • She is the common-law wife of the mayor for 20 long years now
  • While Sara Duterte will take the first lady position in official functions, Honeylet is likely to attend to the president’s personal needs and the Malacanang household 

DAVAO CITY, Philippines – ‘Behind every man’s success is a woman.’

This is actually true to presumptive president-elect Rodrigo Duterte, who actually has a few good women behind his success. But since everyone already knows about who Inday Sara Duterte is, his equally tenacious daughter to his first wife, Elizabeth Zimmerman, let us get to know the long-time partner of our soon-to-be president.

Cielito Avanceña, better known as ‘Honeylet’, is Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s common-law wife of 20 years. They have a 12-year-old daughter together named Veronica or ‘Kitty’. And while the incoming president’s camp has already announced that Sara will likely assume first lady position in official functions, as reported by Inquirer, Honeylet is sure to attend to the ‘president’s’ personal needs and the Malacañang household as well.

Avanceña, who has maintained a low-key profile all throughout Duterte’s colorful political career until he ran for presidency, is essentially taking care of the 71-year-old Duterte’s wardrobe, food, and health. The 46-year-old Avanceña is a former nurse who worked in the US for four years, is currently a businesswoman owning 11 Mister Donut franchises in Davao, a catering service and a meatshop.

When asked about what the new president elect’s wardrobe will be like now that he’s the country’s Commander-in-Chief, Avanceña said: “He doesn’t like itchy fabrics, he’s sensitive that way. That’s why he matches his barong Tagalog with maong denim. He doesn’t like polyester; it makes him itch. It has to be cotton.”

On previous interviews, Avanceña have expressed that ‘they will bring simplicity to Malacanang‘; saying Duterte will most likely ask to be served with the usual food they eat when he was still mayor of Davao. She said he’s happy with banana fritters, or fried tamban fish.

She said she had to keep a closer watch on Duterte’s health, though, as she knows her partner will work hard to live up to his ‘campaign promises’.

Avanceña, as described by a friend, is ‘the supportive, quiet and prayerful wife of 20 years. The gentle and comforting soul behind [presumptive] President Rody. She is very feminine and soft-spoken. The woman doesn’t involve herself in politics but busies herself caring for her husband and child and their home. Being a nurse, Honeylet also cares for the health and well-being of her husband.’

With his whole family and ‘Honeylet’ beside him, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is definitely ready to become the 16th President of the Philippines.