• Analysts said that Facebook could soon have a value of $1 trillion
  • The company experienced a 10 percent surge in stock values last week
  • Researchers project an annual increase of 32 percent on the company’s value

Technology analysts predicted that social networking giant Facebook, Inc. could reach a record-high value of $1 trillion soon after the company recently posted a nearly 10 percent surge in stocks.

In an article written by Paul La Monica for CNN Money on April 29, 2016, it was disclosed that Facebook’s stocks have reached the total value of $350 billion on Thursday last week; making it one of the most valuable companies in the United States of America.

According to market researchers, Facebook is projected to post an annual increase of 32 percent on the average; doubling and tripling the expected earnings of Alphabet-subsidiary Google, Inc. and multinational tech company Apple, Inc., respectively.

It was another big beat driven by the soaring mobile ad business. User and engagement levels were at the highest levels ever,” said Brian Pitz of the global investment banking firm Jefferies.

Moreover, analyst Brian Wieser of the Pivotal Research Group noted that Facebook’s internal products such as Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Oculus are the key players in the company’s growth.

We estimate the company will capture 47% of global digital advertising growth and 43% of all advertising growth outside of China this year. And this is before several future engines of growth have begun to scale,” he said.

Meanwhile, online reports said that Facebook is currently looking for ways on how users can gain financially from their status updates.

According to Jeff Parsons of Mirror, the company is currently circulating an online survey that solicits ideas from netizens on how Facebook can have more users engaged in the site.

Among the proposed features are the “tip jar” option for status updates and an in-app advertisement tool for Messenger.