• Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte to nix the use of the title ‘President’
  • He said he wants to be addressed as ‘Mayor of the Philippines’ instead
  • He also announced he would be using his own pick-up truck as his presidential vehicle
  • Austerity measures are in line with his desire to keep close to the Filipino people

MANILA, Philippines – His Excellency, Mayor Duterte of the Philippines.

In line with his promise to bring simplicity to the doors of Malacañang Palace, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte said he prefer it if he retains his title of ‘Mayor’ instead of ‘President’.

“I ask everybody to call me ‘mayor’ lang,” he told GMA News. “Mayor of the Philippines nga lang.”

Aside from dispensing with the title, Duterte also announced his plan to use his own pick-up as his presidential vehicle days after he said he would forbid government officials from riding in luxury vehicles once he sit as president.

He added he would continue to do his routine patrols in the taxi he drives around in Davao City even as Chief Executive and said he wouldn’t need bodyguards to accompany him.

Earlier, Duterte’s common-law wife, Honeylet Avanceña, vowed to keep things simple at the Palace for the famously austere mayor.

“We’ll bring simplicity to Malacañang. Kung ano ‘yung pagkain namin, ‘yun ang ise-serve [Whatever we eat, those will be served],” she said; adding that Duterte’s favorite meals consisted of simple fares such as banana fritters and ginisang munggo.

Mura lang iyon. Makakatipid sa kaniya ang Pilipinas [Those are cheap. The Philippines would be able to save from him]. Kung nasa gobyerno ka [If you are with the government], you will have to be careful in spending,” she said.