• Duterte vowed to be prim and proper upon assuming the presidency
  • He said he cannot be ‘bastos’ (rude) as he is representing the country
  • His common-law wife said Duterte is ready to be a statesman

Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte vowed to be prim and proper upon assuming the presidency of the country.

Known for his profanity-laced speeches and crude jokes, Duterte, who is poised to become the next president of the Philippines after getting ahead of the presidential elections with almost 6 million votes over closest rival Mar Roxas, who conceded defeat on Tuesday morning, May 10, promised to watch his mouth when he assumes the presidency.

“I need to control my mouth. I cannot be bastos (rude) because I am representing our country. If you are the president of the country, you need to be prim and proper, almost, maging holy na ako (to the extent of me becoming holy),” Duterte said during Pastor Apollo Quiboloy’s late-night TV program “Give Us this Day.”

Inquirer’s Nestor Corrales said in an article that Duterte’s common-law wife Cielito “Honeylet” Avanceña explained the kind of character the mayor projected during what was dubbed as the most divisive election campaign in the country.

Avanceña said the mayor is ready to be a statesman.

“The character that he projected during the campaign was the character that is very appropriate for the campaign period kasi awayan ‘yan eh (because it’s a battle out there),” she told reporters at the sidelines of the televangelist Quiboloy’s TV program.

 She described the 90-day campaign period as a battle between tigers and lions.

Duterte respects the position, said Avanceña.

“He would become the president of the Republic of the Philippines. He’s a lawyer. He knows what he’s getting into. He knows the position he would be holding,” she explained.

After the gruelling campaign period, the real hard work begins,” Avanceña said.

“We will continue to pray because it’s just the start of his hard work. The campaign was not really the hard work. The hard work starts when he seats as the president. The hard part is when he seats (as the country’s leader). He will work (hard) there,” she added.