• Duterte supporter cries foul over dirty tactics of local LP stalwarts in Camiguin
  • He said they placed iron spikes on the route of their caravan to sabotage them
  • He shows pictures of the spikes as proof of the sabotage attempt
  • Duterte spokesman condemns attacks, warns supporters to be vigilant

MANILA, Philippines – Those are some huge spikes.

On his Facebook, supporter of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte accused local Liberal Party (LP) stalwarts in Camiguin of attempting to sabotage the mayor’s caravan when they went there last Sunday, May 1.

According to Viel Popera Jose, some LP supporters placed iron spikes on the route of their caravan as they were touring the island’s different municipalities before meeting up with Sara Duterte. As proof, he shared pictures of the spikes which were made from steel bars.

“The spikes where so huge as it’s made from “Kabilya” (steel bar) (and) that it left irreparable damage on the tires,” he wrote.

Despite having some of their cars and motorcycles’ tires punctured, Jose said the caravan successfully rendezvoused with Duterte in Mahinog municipality. He also urged supporters of Duterte in Camiguin not to be cowed by such cowardly tactics.

“Continue sharing your courage to defend your rights as free people of the island,” he said.

Camiguin has been under the rule of the Romualdo clan for decades. They are supporting the LP this coming election.

For his part, Duterte spokesman Peter Tiu Lavina condemned the incident and urged the mayor’s followers to be more vigilant especially as the elections draw ever closer.

“We condemn to the highest degree the rise of threats and attacks on followers of presidential frontrunner Rodrigo Duterte as the May 9 election approaches,” he said. “We call on supporters of Mayor Duterte: Do not be afraid, but at the same time, do not be careless. Change is coming, and he comes by the name of Rodrigo Duterte.”