• Incoming president Rodrigo Duterte tells journalists not to take all his statements seriously
  • He warns the media that he jokes all the time especially because he claims he is bipolar
  • He has been criticized for issuing statements that were meant to be a joke

DAVAO CITY- Incoming president Rodrigo Duterte told journalists to not take all of his statements seriously.

According to Aaron Lozada’s published article in ABS-CBN, Duterte said if his answers sound ridiculous or preposterous, reporters should ask their colleagues based in Davao to confirm if he means it or just joking.

“Ask him ‘ano ba ito?’ Sasabihin sa inyo, ‘Niloloko lang kayo niyan’,” he said. [Ask him, ‘what is this?’ He’ll say, ‘He is only joking.’]

Duterte added that he is a bipolar. And as a bipolar, he jokes all the time.

Ako, palabas-masok ako sa bipolar. One moment seryoso ako, one moment tatapunan ko kayo ng biro,” Duterte said in an article published in Kami.com. [I am bipolar. One moment I am serious, one moment I’ll throw jokes at you.]

But his claim of being bipolar should not be taken literally as what he has told the media.

Duterte has been criticized for statements he later on retracted. In December 2015, he told reporters that the news about him having killed 700 people is wrong; clarifying that it was over 1,700 people. His statement drew criticism with some urging the Commission on Human Rights to launch an investigation on the alleged extrajudicial killings.

But a few days later, the outgoing Davao City mayor said it was pure sarcasm when he said he killed 1,700 people.

During the campaign period, Duterte has promised he will resign from his post if he will not be able to eliminate crime and corruption in the country within three to six months. However, he retracted his promise saying that it was only a joke.


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