• Duterte spokesman said they are soliciting the public’s help to decide Digong’s new nickname
  • He also advised public there will be times they have to address Duterte formally
  • Duterte already indicated his desire to be called “President Rody” though in honor of his late mother

MANILA, Philippines – PDiggy, PGong, PRody.

In an interview, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s spokesman Peter Tiu Lavina said they are leaving it to the public what nickname the incoming president should take on after he formally takes his office.

“We solicited help from the people, particularly on social media. We will let their creativity flourish. Many would call him President Digong, President Rody, President DU30 or President Duterte,” he told GMA News. “We just let the people do it on their own. There’s even PRRD, PRody, PGong.”

At the same time, Lavina also advised the public there will be times they would have to address Duterte formally to respect the position he holds.

“But as I said, you can call him by whatever name you prefer but there will be times that you have to address him officially and formally as Mr. President. Our experience in Davao, he does not want to be called Sir. He wants to be called Mayor or by his first name,” he said.

In his visit to his parents’ graves however, Duterte indicated his desire to be called “President Rody” as a show of his respect to his late mother Soledad who gave him that nickname.

“Don’t call me Digong. I want Rody,” he said.

Presidents have been informally referred to by their nicknames in the past, with “PNoy” for Benigno Aquino III, “GMA” for Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, “Erap” for Joseph Estrada, and “FVR” for Fidel V. Ramos.