• The Facebook page ‘Duterte Ang Pagbabago’ asked through a post it shared if the people are ready for change
  • A post the page shared revealed a set of rules that presumptive president Rodrigo Duterte might implement all over the country
  • These are rules that the Davaoenos have been obligated to follow for years

MANILA, Philippines – With Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte almost unofficially assuming presidency, one Facebook page supporting Duterte shared a post about the possible set of rules that the new president-elect would presumably impose when he’s seated.

The post has instantly gone viral on social media. It has garnered 105,000 likes, neaarly 97,000 shares, and almost 9,000 comments as of posting.

The page Duterte Ang Pagbabago asked, “Prepare for change. Do you agree with these?” and then proceeded with the rules that were long been enforced in Davao City.

– NO SMOKING in public area (Fine: 10k pesos donated to cancer patients)
– SPEED LIMIT (avoid vehicular accidents)
– HELMET ON MOTORCYCLES (protection from injury)
– LIQUOR BAN form 1am-6am (avoid conflicts under the influence of alcohol)
– NO LOUD MUSIC from 10pm-5am (observe neighbor’s right to silence during sleep hours)
– NO FIREWORKS during Christmas and New Year (avoid injury)
– CURFEW HOURS for minors 18years old and below without an accompanying adult from 10pm-5am (avoid gangs and juvenile delinquency)
– NO LITTERING (observe cleanliness)


Online users shared diverse feed backs. Those who openly favored Mayor Duterte’s presidency embraced the possible changes to show their support.  Some even suggested a few more rules to be included in the list while others opposed as they think the rules are to affect their freedom. Read some of the comments below:

C. Palami: “Yes let’s join and cooperate for better. Change and make this country a better place to live for our future generations. God bless us all.”

A. G. Mendieta: “BIG NO! to curfew hours everybody wants freedom. Don’t take freedom from people! You can say No [sic] to the other things but no to curfew!!’

H. Stone: “Dapat din po ipagbawal ang mga bata sa computer shop. Dami ng adik na mga bata na naglalaro ng games kawawa ang magulang inbis na nasa school nasa computer shop sila naglalaro [There should be a law prohibiting children to go to computer shops because addicted players prefer to stay at shops and play rather than go to school].”

Of course, these rules are not yet implemented, as Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has not been officially declared president yet. But assuming he enforces these regulations, would you be able to follow them all? Remember, change should start from within.