• A dead body wrapped in black trash bags and packaging tape was found in Cebu
  • The victim, although male, is reportedly wearing a woman’s clothing
  • A handwritten note that says “Tulisan ko! DU30” was found attached to the cadaver
  • Netizens have varied reactions to what could be another victim of summary execution

MANILA, Philippines – A dead body of an unidentified man wrapped in black garbage bags and packaging tape was found in Cebu early morning on Monday, May 30.

The cadaver was discovered along the national highway in Barangay Balud, San Fernando town around 4:00 am. Aside from being covered in trash bags and tape, the body also has a white paper attached to it with a handwritten message that says “Tulisan ko! DU30” (I’m a bandit! Du30).

An Inquirer article said the body was brought to the provincial hospital in Carcar City where it was officially declared dead on arrival.

According to the San Fernando police chief, Richard Gadingan, a local resident discovered the body and alerted the authorities who responded to the scene.  The victim is believed to have been choked to death since a rope was found tied to his neck and a piece of cloth stuffed inside his mouth.

Speaking to Inquirer, investigator PO1 Ronnie Margate said they are looking at the possibility that the victim may have been killed in another town or village and was just disposed in the highway.

The still unidentified victim, although male, was found wearing a bra, a green blouse, and black pants. He was sporting a shoulder-length hair and is aged around 40 to 50 years old.

Authorities, however, refused to comment on the note that carries the name of president-elect Rodrigo Duterte who vowed to get rid of drugs and criminalities during his first 3 to 6 months in office.

Netizens, meanwhile, expressed varied reactions to what could be another victim of a summary execution carried out in the name of the tough-talking former mayor.

“It begins…no one knows who this person was, why he was really killed, simply using the excuse of vigilante justice? Where is the proof here of justice? It may have been a straight murder dressed up as justice,” one commenter said.

“People want vigilante justice so much… now it has started, anybody can be killed and accused of being a criminal and it will be the norm. We will be living in a barbaric society where killing other people is just another day in the Republic of the Philippines,” another said.

Many believe the crime could send a wrong signal to the public, and that killing – especially by those who associated themselves with Duterte – could be abused and ended up being used by authorities against ordinary people.