• Actor Baron Geisler and UP film student Khalil Versoza buried the hatchet over a video that went viral
  • Geisler’s management, ALV Talent Circuit, said the video was “taken out of context”
  • Putting the issue behind, Versoza resumed filming the campaign

It’s all water under the bridge for controversial actor Baron Geisler and University of the Philippines film student Khalil Versoza after resolving their issue over the Facebook video that went viral on Sunday, May 15.

In the viral video, Geisler was cursing and assaulting film students over a delayed script while working on an editorial campaign with violence against women as a theme.

ALV Talent Circuit, Geisler’s PR management, said on Monday, May 16,  that the video was “taken out of context” and “meant to exploit his [Geisler’s] already damaged reputation,” as per an article published by Rappler.

Versoza said in a Facebook post on Wednesday, May 18, that the everything is fine between Baron and himself.

“When I uploaded the video I thought that was my form of justice, perhaps different from other people,” he said, “Baron and I spoke on the phone and resolved the issue between ourselves.”

Versoza said he hired Geisler to be a male advocate  against catcalling and other forms of violence against women, as per an article published by .

“I hired Baron knowing full well his court cases on women. Why? For him to apologize and speak to the minds of people who look up to him,” he explained.

He said he had asked other male advocates for the cause and have resumed shooting on Wednesday, May 18.

Versoza ended his post asking people to stop sharing the video and leave the issue in the past.

“I think Baron Geisler deserves enough. Out of respect to him, I took down the video. Imagine if you were the one harassed and a found footage of you harassing women or whoever, would you change for the better?” he said.

Geisler commented on Versoza’s post,  “Thank you, man. This made me think. Hug! I hope our anti-rape advocacy video would push through. I want to join your advocacy.”

To which Versoza replied, “Help is always welcome!”

To read Khalil Versoza’s  full post, click here.