• Controversial actor ran amuck on a set due to delayed script
  • He can be seen ranting, choking a member of the student film crew
  • Student director apologized for the delayed script, said they didn’t deserve the shocking treatment

MANILA, Philippines – Baron Geisler has once again hit the headlines—and for the same wrong reasons, unfortunately.

In a video posted by student director Khalil Verzosa on his Facebook, the controversial actor can be seen going full beast mode on a student production crew from the University of the Philippines Diliman after he was belatedly given the script for his role.

Aside from ranting and cursing, Geisler was also recorded choking one of the student film crew members while challenging the rest to a fight.

According to Verzosa, they handed out the script to Geisler the morning of the shooting itself because they were pressed for time with other student matters. He said the actor went berserk even though they have apologized twice for their mistake.

“As a director, I made sure to send him the script in the morning at the very least, because his role was short, the shooting proceeded and we said sorry after he arrived on the set but he continued complaining because he should have gotten the script earlier, so we apologized again because we knew it was our mistake,” he said.

Ending his post, Verzosa said Geisler had no right to act the way he did — hence, his reason for uploading the video.

“It’s not right to pick on us, we’re still a student prod(uction), we put our hearts into this production and advocacy, I even paid for his TF using my own money, we had no budget and there were some mishaps along the way,” he said. “Baron Geisler, you had no right to go beast mode, so I feel I should post this, so everyone can see what you did was wrong.”


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