• Controversial actor finally aired his side on infamous video of him going wild on student film crew
  • He urged public to understand his side and not to be hasty in judging him
  • He said he actually assisted the students and only became angry at their unprofessionalism

MANILA, Philippines – Finally breaking his silence on the infamous video showing him berating a group of student filmmakers and choking one of them, controversial actor Baron Geisler told the public to also see the incident from his point of view rather than merely judging him.

On his Facebook page, Geisler called out the students—a production crew from the University of the Philippines Diliman—for their lack of professionalism and revealed he had actually been helping them aside from asking for the script for five days.

“I was actually helping them, I was tired and they didn’t understand that my call time was 9 AM and I packed up at 3 AM,” he said in Tagalog. “I kept asking them for the script for five days because if they were really passionate about their work they would have given it to me two days before instead of giving me an Idiot Board when I arrive on set.”

Geisler also addressed Khalil Verzosa, the student director of the crew, and said they shouldn’t use their status as students to hide their unprofessionalism.

“Don’t just say you’re student film (producers) and I’ll understand you just like that,” he said, adding that he is willing to face any complaints in court.

Apologizing to his co-actors for the inconvenience he caused, Geisler also revealed he became angry because he left his sick mother for a project which turned out to be woefully unprepared.

“Who wouldn’t get angry with that?” he asked. “I hope things can be cleared up. This is so troublesome because not only I’m still angry over this, but I also have to clear this up for my ailing mother.”


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