• Administrator of pro-Miriam Defensor Santiago’s FB page wrote his final post before signing off
  • He recounted his days setting up the site and being the feisty senator’s ‘first volunteer
  • He thanked his co-administrators, said Santiago will remain etched in Filipinos’ memories

MANILA, Philippines – If it’s any consolation, well done.

With his bet already down for the count, Paolo Quimbo—administrator of the Miriam Defensor Santiago for President Facebook page—wrote one final heartfelt post before signing off the page for good.

Recounting his days as the feisty senator’s ‘first volunteer’, Quimbo wrote how he initially started the page as a way to relieve his boredom and to make an outlet where he could express his admiration for his idol.

He added he initially didn’t just know how significant his contribution to Santiago’s presidential run would become until it became obvious.

“I launched this page two years ago out of boredom. I was like, ‘Is there anything better to do in life than to convince someone you believe in to run for president?’” he wrote. “If there’s one thing I’m proud of that I have created/managed, it is THIS PAGE. I’ve worked, together with my future co-admins so hard to build this, I just wanted to have an outlet where I can post all the things that I admire about the Iron Lady of Asia. I did not know that this page would open a lot of doors for me. I did not know that I would play a vital role for her campaign.

Thanking his fellow administrators for all the work they’ve put in the site, Quimbo said he believes Santiago will remain etched in the hearts and minds of the Filipino people despite not becoming the president.

“I’m confident that Sen. Miriam will stride out of the annals of history in her Margaret Thatcher hair and signature red blazer, as someone who asked the Filipino people—perhaps sternly, with a knowing smile—is it a crime to insult corrupt and incompetent politicians?” he wrote.

Quimbo ended his post with a quip of finally getting some well-deserved rest after two years of campaigning for Santiago.

“After two years makakatulog na rin ako ng matino [I can finally get some real sleep],” he wrote. “Miriam Defensor Santiago for President page is now signing off.”

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